Previous Years


Experts from a broad range of disciplines, such as neuroscience, network science and behavioral economics discussed ways these fields can help us answer development questions. More >>


Topics included innovations transforming education; ideas and practical tools to expand and support integrative entrepreneurship ecosystems; and the launch of the new Global Economic Complexity Indicators, a new set of competitiveness indicators that correlate to a region’s potential for growth. More >>


The discussion explored innovative ways to facilitate diversification, unleash entrepreneurial talent, and improve access to markets for individuals and companies in the developing world. The conversation included the role of the public sector, both as a facilitator of private sector development and as a direct provider of services to foster growth and empowerment. More >>


Agenda focused on opportunities and challenges for financial empowerment in developing countries, with the goal of extending markets and financial services to more than two billion people who are currently unbanked or under-served. Technology and regulation were key themes for this year's event, as well as a discussion on the effects of the financial crisis. More >>


Academics from Harvard and Yale discussed the importance of partnering with private sector firms to test research questions in many contexts, while several entrepreneurs undertaking new approaches to providing financial services to underserved markets discussed their business models. More >>